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Hands-On Wellness -- Clinical Sports & Medical Massage Therapy

Sara Rennie, LMT -- Specializing in therapeutic sports & clinical rehabilitative massage therapy


Sara is now enjoying seeing her clients in the beautiful offices of Lakeside Wellness at 6924 Lakeside Avenue; Suite 306; Richmond, 23228.   Check out for additional information and directions.  She is also spending a portion of her week at the American Massage and Bodywork Institute in Vienna, VA teaching others wishing to become part of this fast growing alternative healthcare field.  Look for more information about this amazing program at


For thousands of years and in all parts of the world, hands on therapy has been used in the treatment of muscle pain, diminished joint mobility and non-acute health conditions.

These are just a few of the many benefits of massage therapy:

· Improve muscle function,

· Ease pain,

· Increase joint range of motion,

· Improve blood circulation, and boost the immune system.

Sports massage therapy offers maintenance sessions during training, rehabilitative sessions for injury, and pre- and post-race sessions to boost performance and decrease the amount of recovery time needed post-event.


Clinical rehabilitative massage therapy sessions utilize techniques specific to assisting those with non-acute medical conditions such as chronic back pain, joint pain, headache, muscular pain, and can aide in overall stress relief.