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Clinical Rehabilitative Massage

Rehabilitative massage therapy for non-acute health conditions can greatly assist the client with soft tissue injuries, joint injuries, post surgical recovery, headaches, general stress relief and improved immune system function through lymphatic massage.


Sessions include a comprehensive assessment of the client’s chief complaint(s), current health concerns, and short-and long-term goals. A therapy plan with treatment recommendations geared to achieving stated goals is offered. The aggressiveness of therapy is dependent upon the nature and severity of physical complaints, the speed at which the client wishes to proceed, and any health concerns which may factor into the treatment plan. Sessions at spaced intervals as well as intensive 2x/week programs are offered.

Treatment sessions may include, but are not limited to:

· A wide array of hands-on manual muscle techniques: light, moderate, and/or deep hands-on pressure techniques, acupressure point therapy, neuromuscular therapy, compression therapy, myofascial release and heat/cryo therapies.

· Muscle & joint range of motion through active, active-assisted, and passive stretching.

· Education to assist the client with self-care techniques.