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Event On-site Clinical Sports Massage

Therapy & Crew Experience


Professional Cycling:

UCI World Cycling Championships, Richmond, VA September 2015

· USA Women's Team -Pepper Palace Pro Cycling Team


Ultra Cycling:

Race Across America: Oceanside, CA to Annapolis, MD


· 2009 Crew Captain & Therapist, Bill Bradley, solo


· 2020 Crew Captain & Therapist, Michele Santilhano, solo

· 2011 Captain & Therapist, Georgia Chain Chix, 2-person team

· 2013 Crew Captain & Therapist, Team Crank It Up, 4-person mixed

· 2015 Crew Captain & Therapist, RAAM4Ryan, Frank Fumich, solo

· 2017 Crew Captain & Therapist, Paul Korkowski, solo

RAO Cycling Events: Hill Country 600, San Antonio, Texas

· 10 Crew Captain & Therapist, Chris Malloy, solo

Adventure Corps Furnace Creek 508: Santa Clarita, California

· 13 Crew Captain & Therapist, Team Super Tabby, 2-person female

Race Across the West: Oceanside, CA to Durango, CO

· ‘14 Crew Captain & Therapist, Michael Svihura, solo


Ultra Running:

Adventure Corps Badwater 135 UltraMarathon

· July, ‘09, Therapist, Bill Bradley, solo

Double Badwater

· July, ‘10, Crew Captain & Therapist, Bill Bradley, solo

199-mile Run w/Golden Gate Swim

California, USA

· April, ‘10, Crew Captain & Therapist, Bill Bradley, solo


Ultra Triathlon:

USA UltraTRI 2x, 3x, 5x Anvil Triathlon

Lake Anna State Park, Virginia, USA

· Oct., ‘08-’15 Event Therapist


Squash Racquets:

Davenport Professional Squash Tournament (PSA)

Richmond, Virginia, USA

· Jan., ‘07—Feb., ‘08 Event Therapist

Merritt Properties Open (PSA)

Baltimore, Maryland, USA

· Oct., ‘08, Event Therapist

North American Open Professional Squash Tournament (PSA Sanctioned)

Richmond, Virginia USA

· Feb., ‘09-’14 Event Therapist